Chepstow Town Council Budget 2024 - 2025

Published: 06 February 2024

Chepstow Town Council has set its budget for 2024-2025 and agreed, for the fifth consecutive year, not to increase its proportion of the council tax demand for next year in recognition of the difficulties being faced by the community during the national cost of living crisis.

A budget of £746,275 was approved against a precept of £657,533 which will be requisitioned from Monmouthshire County Council. The shortfall in budget of £88,742 is to be drawn from the Councils general reserves. This means that the council tax for a Band D property in Chepstow will remain at approximately £111.50.

Despite having the same financial pressures as all other local authorities, the Town Council has shown that with careful financial planning it can achieve the same level of service and community support without compromise. Members of the Council are fully aware of the need to be prudent and the estimates and proposed expenditure are considered very carefully.

The Town Council is committed to supporting community-based initiatives and voluntary organisations and throughout the next 12 months will continue to work hard and drive forward projects to promote the town as a key location to live, work and visit, helping to boost the local economy.

The Town Council has a commitment to continue to deliver, protect and enhance community facilities and take forward its vision of “Protecting our past, working for our future to improve the environment, local services and facilities making Chepstow an even better place”.

Key notes:

  • Increased financial support to important community venues: Drill Hall, Bulwark Community Centre and The Palmer Centre
  • Complimentary summer floral hanging baskets and Christmas Trees to businesses
  • Feasibility study for a community garden project on land adjacent Thornwell Primary School
  • Increased provision for Youth Services and play provision
  • Continued financial support for Chepstow’s festivals and events

If you require any further information on the Town Council budget for 2024/25 please contact the Council Offices on 01291 626370 or by email: