Climate Change Action

On 23rd October 2019, Chepstow Town Council declared a Climate Emergency.  To support this declaration, a change to the Town Amenities Committee was made and was renamed Environment and Amenities Committee with meetings now held every 2 months. The purpose of the committee is to review the Town Council’s operation and make environmentally friendly improvements and to promote and encourage positive climate change actions within the Town. 

In 2022 Chepstow Town Council created its Vision for 2022-2027, which included a commitment to 'make decisions and drive changes that create a greener and more sustainable future for Chepstow and its residents, aiming for a Net Zero Chepstow'.


To date these actions include

  • Commissioning a Carbon Reduction Study of Chepstow to identify possible projects for carbon reduction in our area. 
  • Creating a wildlife garden at the bus station to improve biodiversity and provide food and habitat for pollinators.
  • Working with local youth groups, transforming a small disused raised planter in town to a community growing space.



Ongoing projects and aspirations

  • Where possible to drive change of energy for council buildings to renewable sources, such as solar power and heat pumps.
  • To install/bring back to use two drinking water fountains in order to encourage use of reusable water bottles, and discourage single use plastic bottles.
  • Improving recycling provisions at the riverbank.