Street Cleansing

April 2019 saw a partnership agreement signed between Monmouthshire County Council and the Town Council:

“To see an improved street scene within the 5 main wards of Chepstow: St. Mary’s, St.Kingsmark, St. Christophers, Thornwell and Larkfield”

Principles of the Partnership Agreement

  • Partnership working between two Councils with a common aim of increasing the street scene of a local area
  • Chepstow Town Council benefits from the operational expertise of Monmouthshire County Council on an interim basis until they are confident to manage the service directly 
  • Chepstow Town Council maintains day-to-day Supervision of the Town Crew enabling control and autonomy over the team, in accordance with an agreed Service Level Agreement. 
  • Chepstow Town Council benefits from HR, payroll, management, training, vehicle hire, equipment and is able to utilise assistance from Monmouthshire County Council until confident to take these on directly. 
  • Residents, businesses and tourists benefit from a cleaner and tidier town 
  • Local employment opportunities for a new Town Crew

If anyone has any issues please report them to and we will arrange to have the works carried out!