Council Staff

Administration Support and services provided by the Town Council are managed and delivered by a team of eight part-time employees, comprising three in administration, two mobile hygiene operatives, one Asset maintenance operative, one Communications Officer and one Caretaker/Bookings Manager for the Drill Hall. This small team, based at The Gatehouse is led by the Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer.

 Chepstow Town Council's Staff Structure


The Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer


The Clerk is the Council’s Chief Officer employed under section 112 (1) of the Local Government Act 1972. As the Proper Officer of the council in law the Clerk is answerable to the Council as a whole. Individual members cannot give instructions to the Clerk.

The Council must also appoint a Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) to manage its finances and at Chepstow Town Council the Clerk and RFO is the same person.

The role of the Clerk and RFO, although not exhaustive, includes:

  • Advising the Council on legal matters
  • Organising the Council’s procedures
  • Gathering information to help the Council make an informed decision
  • Raising the profile of the Council in the local community
  • Implementing the Council’s decisions
  • Providing administrative support
  • Personnel management
  • Project management
  • Health and safety management
  • Management of Council’s finances

The Clerk can have delegated powers of the Council to act on its behalf under the Local Government Act 1972 Section 101 (Discharge of Functions).

Whilst it is good practice for the Clerk to consult on the content of an agenda with the Chair, the Clerk has the final say as Proper Officer and the legal signatory.

All correspondence for the Council should be addressed to the Clerk.