The Town Mayor


The Mayor is elected by members of the Council at the Annual Meeting each year in May and serves for twelve months. The Mayor presides at meetings unless absent and is responsible for ensuring all meetings are conducted properly, with the aim of producing clear, lawful decisions.

The Mayor is responsible for allowing all Councillors to partake in discussions and to ensure that opinions expressed are relevant to the matter being discussed but has no more power than other Councillors except a casting vote. Their first vote is a personal vote as a member of the council and, if there is a tied vote, the Mayor can have a second, casting vote.

The Mayor is responsible for attending civic and ceremonial functions within the Town and wider community and often have an approved allowance) to meet expenses of their office. It is their responsibility to keep a record of what and how it has been spent.

The Mayor represents the Council and promotes the decisions and views of the Council and not themselves and cannot legally make a decision on behalf of the council.

The current Mayor to the year 2022 – 2023 is Cllr Margaret Griffiths and the Deputy Mayor is          Cllr Tudor Griffiths.

 Cllr Margaret Griffiths Town Mayor     

Cllr Margaret Griffiths, Town Mayor 2022/2023

Cllr Tudor Griffiths, Deputy Town Mayor 

 Cllr Tudor Griffiths, Deputy Town Mayor 2022/2023

Mayor's Board