Do you live or work in Monmouthshire?

Published: 01 September 2021

The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act gives us the ambition, permission and legal obligation to improve our social, cultural, environmental and economic wellbeing. It requires public bodies in Wales to think about the long-term impact of their decisions, to work better with people, communities and each other, and to prevent persistent problems such as poverty, health inequalities and climate change.

Public services in Gwent are improving how they work better together through the newly formed Gwent Public Services Board (PSB), which will encompass the interests of Monmouthshire citizens.

As such, we need to talk to as many people as possible, who live and work in Monmouthshire (or Gwent) about wellbeing and we need your help to do this.

As you may know, to understand wellbeing we use a wide range of information to assess the state of wellbeing, for example; statistical data; academic research and qualitative evidence which captures people’s opinions, perceptions and views on life opportunities, the environment and the communities in which they live.

This information is key in helping us understand local wellbeing; what matters to our citizens, the strengths and assets that exist in our communities and how we can continue to make Monmouthshire a great place, to live, work or visit for future generations.

We are currently conducting a survey to gather views of any one who lives or works in Monmouthshire (or Gwent) as we want the community to help shape the way public services plan and work together. Hearing what people have to say is important to us and we will use this information to help us assess the wellbeing of Monmouthshire and Gwent and this information will inform the Public Services Board Wellbeing Plan for the region.

Future generations of young, adult and older people will face a different world to the one we have now - so this assessment and plan will look at how we need to do things differently to make things better in the future. So, we would be really grateful for your help in disseminating this survey as far and wide as possible. We would also encourage you to complete this and your wider family and friends too, if they also live or work Monmouthshire or Gwent.

You can access the survey via the following link: