Have your say about the future of Chepstow

Published: 06 May 2021

Chepstow Place Plan 

We have had over 250 pins added to our town map!

The highest number of pins relate to “what needs working on” in our town. People have identified issues such as:

     Play equipment for older children in Dell Park
     20mph speed restrictions in Garden City
     Cycle friendly routes around the town

People have highlighted “what they like” about our town”. Some of the key things coming up are:

     Banks of wildflowers and herb planters in the town
     Pedestrianisation of the High Street
     Barnett’s Wood

 People have also highlighted “what they don’t like” about our town. Some of the key things coming up are:

     Poor street lighting near hospital
     Congestion and increase in vehicles
     Air pollution

 What do you think?

Join a one-hour community focus group https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/chepstow-place-plan-be-part-of-the-chepstow-community-conversation-registration-151605079875 to find out more.

Find out more on our Place Plan website https://www.futurechepstow.co.uk

Add your pin to the town map https://www.placecheck.info/app/maps/chepstow to highlight the good, the bad and the possible for the future of Chepstow.

Add your voice to the community conversation!