Mind Monmouthshire

Published: 16 August 2020

Dear Chepstow Businesses,

Wellbeing PosterMind Monmouthshire is your local mental health charity, providing services in the county for 40 years. We are reaching out to you to better understand what your business needs are around mental health and wellbeing support. Please if possible can you email answers/your feedback to the below questions to matthew.pritchard@mindmonmouthshire.org.uk

  1. If we offered training around mental health for businesses is there specific training you may want? And how long would you need it to last for? Mind Monmouthshire currently can provide 2-hour mental health awareness course which is an introduction to common mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression would this be suitable?
  2. Would you like a quarterly update of services we offer so you can link staff and customers too?
  3. Would it be useful if we sent you information by post to put up at your business along with handouts for staff and customers?
  4. Does your business have any other needs around mental health? If so what are they and how do you think we can help?
  5. Would you like us to provide training so a member of you team has a wellbeing champion/mental health first aider?
Thank you for your time, we appreciate your feedback.

Stay safe and keep well from all at Mind Monmouthshire