Chepstow Marketing

The main purpose of Chepstow Marketing Group is to make Chepstow a more vibrant town by organising and supporting events throughout the year, aimed at attracting more visitors and tourists and making it a destination that people will want to visit time and time again!

The Group was formed following the regeneration of the centre of Chepstow, in order to continue the work of the regeneration group, and is a partnership between Chepstow Chamber of Commerce, Chepstow Town Council, Monmouthshire County council, Chepstow festival and Chepstow Tourist Information Centre. Representative are elected onto the Group by their various organisations.


To attract visitors to Chepstow, and to ensure that they get the most from their visits, a variety of publications are issued. There is the free monthly "What's On Guide, Town Map, "What to Do" guide, "Where to Eat" guide, walking guides and more.  


Copies of all publications are available at Chepstow Town Council's reception area at The Gatehouse, High Street, Chepstow.

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