Search for local folklore, songs, or the stories of the land 

Do you live on the Welsh/English Border?

Do you know your local folklore, songs, or the stories of the land?

Then Borderlands needs your knowledge please open the document below to support Lucy Rivers on her quest.


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 Wellbeing Zoom meetings from MIND Monmouthshire


 Dear Chepstow Businesses,

Mind Monmouthshire is your local mental health charity, providing services in the county for 40 years. We are reaching out to you to better understand what your business needs are around mental health and wellbeing support. Please if possible can you email answers/your feedback to the below questions to

  1. If we offered training around mental health for businesses is there specific training you may want? And how long would you need it to last for? Mind Monmouthshire currently can provide 2-hour mental health awareness course which is an introduction to common mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression would this be suitable?
  2. Would you like a quarterly update of services we offer so you can link staff and customers too?
  3. Would it be useful if we sent you information by post to put up at your business along with handouts for staff and customers?
  4. Does your business have any other needs around mental health? If so what are they and how do you think we can help?
  5. Would you like us to provide training so a member of you team has a wellbeing champion/mental health first aider?

Thank you for your time, we appreciate your feedback.

Stay safe and keep well from all at Mind Monmouthshire





























Non-essential shops open in Wales from Monday 22nd June: follow the link for support to shoppers and Businesses 





Wales and West Safe and Warm Fund 




Welcoming people back to Monmouthshire's town centres

Monmouthshire County Council town centre survey :- The survey provides you an opportunity to HAVE YOUR SAY about the future of Chepstow high street. The survey takes around 10 minutes.

Please follow the link

The survey closes Sunday 14th June 2020.





 Gwent Police on the lookout for new Police Cadets.

Gwent Police is looking for young people to become Police Cadets. The fantastic opportunity is open to 14-18 year olds. It helps young people to meet new people, learn new skills and volunteer for Gwent. Cadets learn about the Police and the law and play a vital role in community events, engaging with members of the public and educating them on crime prevention.

For more information visit:



                 Congratulations Chepstow an amazing turn out


VE Day wreath laying: Parade Marshal, Will, laid one on behalf of Chepstow Royal British Legion Branch & the people of Chepstow; Lt Tim Bird RN on behalf of the RNA, Flt Lt Mike Hatter for the RAFA and Lt Col Mark Shercliffe, C/o 1 Rifles, laid one for The Rifles. Also in attendance was the RSM & the Padre, 1 Rifles. Special Thanks to Mike Hatter for co-ordinating the event.



























25th April 2020 - Gallipoli Day commemorated at Chepstow War Memorial (pictures attached) a big thank you to all that attended and for respecting social distancing. 




 History of the Gallipoli Campaign

The Gallipoli Campaign was a joint military operation of the Allied Powers in the Gallipoli Peninsula in the erstwhile Ottoman Empire. The operations were undertaken to open up a third front in addition to the Eastern and Western Fronts.

It was a fateful campaign and widely regarded as one of the bloodiest of the First World War.

Below is a summary of the main points regarding the campaign:

* The Allies and Germany had reached a stalemate on the Western Front just months into World War One

*Britain and France thought they could help Russia on the Eastern Front by defeating Germany's Turkish allies - the Ottoman Empire
*After a failed naval attack, the Allies tried to capture Constantinople (now Istanbul) via the Gallipoli Peninsula by land assault
*British, French and their dominions' troops - including soldiers from Australia, New Zealand, India and Newfoundland - took part
*They faced months of shelling, sniper fire and dysentery, before abandoning the campaign
*55,000 = 35,000 British, 10,000 Anzac forces, 10,000 French Allied troops died for no material gain, although the Turkish Army was tied down for eight months
*86,000 Turkish troops died. Commander Mustafa Kemal survived and went on to found modern Turkey



 Chepstow Town Council has agreed to postpone all council meetings until further notice and to close the Town Council building and public toilets. 

The office can be contacted via email at or telephone 01291 626370.

 If you need advice at this time the Citizens Advice Bureau

can be contacted on 0300 330 2117 or via


   For local Tourist/Heritage information Leaflets please click here


The Council
Chepstow Town Council is the grass roots voice of local government for Chepstow and comprises of 15 Councillors elected for five years.  The next election will be held in 2022 but by - elections may be held to fill vacancies occurring between elections.
Each year the council raises a "precept" on the council tax payers to cover the cost of running expenses and services provided.
In 2019/20 the precept will be £561,066.00 (costing the average council tax payer based on Band D  £102.11 per annum)

In Chepstow, the Town Council:
Provides major funding for the Citizens Advice Bureau, supports the Bulwark Community Centre and the Drill Hall, provides Summer floral displays and Christmas Lighting, underwrites the Round Table November Fireworks Spectacular, provides funding for a summer playscheme for local children of primary school age, provides funding for the Chepstow Festival and Two Rivers Folk Festival, supports Chepstow Town Markets, undertakes the regular cleaning of the Town's War Memorial, maintains and undertakes improvement works to the historic Town Arch and Gatehouse, seeks to improve problem unadopted areas throughout the Town.  Funds the pruning and replanting of Nelson Street car park and the bedding under the A48, community litter picking initiatives, fruit trees in the Autumn. Provides grants to local community groups and organisations to facilitate a wide range of activities.  Recent funding has for example included parent/toddler and playgroups, Guide and Scout groups, youth football and rugby teams, senior citizens groups, Chepstow Town Band, and the Severn Area Rescue Association. The Town Council also scrutinise all planning applications affecting Chepstow wards - Monmouthshire County Council then makes the final decision, taking into account our views.