(Newhouse Roundabout to High Beech Roundabout)

 From 27th February 2020 the following Road traffic acts come into force

RED ROUTE CLEARWAY - /Chepstow-Town-Council/UserFiles/Files/Red route Clearway.pdf

NEW SPEED LIMITS APPLIED -  /Chepstow-Town-Council/UserFiles/Files/New speed limits A466.pdf




                                                   VE DAY 75


Chepstow Town Council is participating in VE Day 75 to celebrate / commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2 in Europe. An afternoon of entertainment is planned for Friday, 8th May 2020 and we would like to invite any dance, music, entertainment groups to perform at this event. Please email the office on admin@chepstow.co.uk if you would like to perform.

During the event we would also like to display stories and photos of those residents, who may have had any family or friends involved both military and domestically in any conflict. Please email the office on admin@chepstow.co.uk and we will arrange to collect your stories and pictures.

More information on the event will follow.

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The Council
Chepstow Town Council is the grass roots voice of local government for Chepstow and comprises of 15 Councillors elected for five years.  The next election will be held in 2022 but by - elections may be held to fill vacancies occurring between elections.
Each year the council raises a "precept" on the council tax payers to cover the cost of running expenses and services provided.
In 2019/20 the precept will be £561,066.00 (costing the average council tax payer based on Band D  £102.11 per annum)

In Chepstow, the Town Council:
Provides major funding for the Citizens Advice Bureau, supports the Bulwark Community Centre and the Drill Hall, provides Summer floral displays and Christmas Lighting, underwrites the Round Table November Fireworks Spectacular, provides funding for a summer playscheme for local children of primary school age, provides funding for the Chepstow Festival and Two Rivers Folk Festival, supports Chepstow Town Markets, undertakes the regular cleaning of the Town's War Memorial, maintains and undertakes improvement works to the historic Town Arch and Gatehouse, seeks to improve problem unadopted areas throughout the Town.  Funds the pruning and replanting of Nelson Street car park and the bedding under the A48, community litter picking initiatives, fruit trees in the Autumn. Provides grants to local community groups and organisations to facilitate a wide range of activities.  Recent funding has for example included parent/toddler and playgroups, Guide and Scout groups, youth football and rugby teams, senior citizens groups, Chepstow Town Band, and the Severn Area Rescue Association. The Town Council also scrutinise all planning applications affecting Chepstow wards - Monmouthshire County Council then makes the final decision, taking into account our views.