Orchards & Wildlife Trail     


Chepstow has 12 mini-orchards which have been planted around the town for the benefit of the community. The trees are for everybody to appreciate throughout the seasons, and the fruit is there for everyone too: please help yourself when it is ripe. Orchards are also important for wildlife, which benefits from the habitats created and the nectar and pollen provided.

Chepstow Town Council initiated the planting of our community orchards and part-fund their maintenance. All planting, pruning and care is done by local volunteers, co-ordinated by Transition Chepstow. Hands-on volunteers can learn skills such as pruning and grafting, but there are other ways you can help! If you would like to get involved please contact us via orchards@transitionchepstow.org.uk  

You can visit some or all of the orchards by following the Orchards Trail which, where possible, will take you away from the main roads and along public footpaths. The shorter trail is about 3 miles and includes the town centre orchards and nearby sites important for wildlife. The extended trail is almost 6 miles and takes in all the orchards plus part of the Wales Coastal Path, offering spectacular views. Both trails can be enjoyed all year round, with mostly hard surfaces and no stiles to climb! The uphill sections are done at the start of the trail, until reaching the community hospital, after which it is mostly level or downhill. In Winter, the lack of leaf cover allows for much better views in places, but care will need to be taken when it is muddy at Penterry Park and along some of the Wales Coastal Path.

To follow either trail we recommend using the trail leaflet (available in English and Welsh) together with the Full Trail Directions and What to Look Out for, so that you get the most out of your walk. All the documents can be downloaded and printed using the links below.

The trail has been designed by Transition Chepstow as part of the Welsh Perry & Cider Society's "Heritage of Orchards and Cider Making in Wales Project", funded by the Heritage Lottery. 

For Trail leaflet in English please click here

For Trail leaflet in Welsh please click here

For Full Trail Directions and What to Look Out for please click here