Council and Committee Structure

All Meetings of the Council are open to the public.
Local residents have the opportunity to address meetings of full Council from 7.00pm to 7.15pm.
Please see Agendas to check the locations and times of all Meetings.

Comprises all 15 elected Town Councillors. Meets 4th Wednesday of each month excluding August and December
Responsible for:-

  • Taking all policy and strategic decisions affecting the community of Chepstow.
  • The financial management of the Council.
  • Taking executive decisions regarding the main business of the Council.
  • Ratifying the recommendations of Council Committees where no specific delegation of powers has been agreed.
  • Receiving routine items of business. 

The Town Mayor, and Deputy Town Mayor, are ex officio members of all committees.  Committee Membership details for 2019 - 2020 are available here.

Planning & Administration Committee - Comprises 7 Councillors - (representation to be taken from each Ward). Meets twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. 
 Responsible for:-

  • Making recommendations to Monmouthshire County Council in respect of planning applications.
  • Commenting on planning policy matters.
  • Deciding matters of urgent business requiring action prior to the next Full Council meeting.
  • Planning matters of a strategic or substantial nature having a significant impact on the community to be referred to Full Council 

Financial Policy & Audit Committee - Comprises - 7 Councillors - Meets quarterly
  Responsible for:-

  • Focusing attention on all relevant aspect of the Council's expenditure and investments; engendering interest in all financial matters by all Members; taking on the role of 'watchdog' in respect of the Council's finances; providing an opportunity for more detailed discussion and making recommendations to full Council.
  • Agreeing the Council's Asset Register, Insurance Schedules, Annual Investment Strategy, Risk Assessment, Lettings Policy and Letting Income.
  • Considering and agreeing Community Grant Funding Applications and other funding requests received up to a limit of £5,000.
  • Authorising expenditure within the Council's agreed budgets on essential works to the Town Arch, Gatehouse and Old Library Building.

Town Amenities Committee - Comprises - 7 Councillors - Meets quarterly

Responsible for:-

  • Town amenities and has authority to authorise expenditure within the Council's approved budgets for Chepstow in Bloom, Christmas Lighting and the Town Publications.

Personnel Committee - Comprises 7 Councillors - Meets quarterly.

Responsible for:-

  • Meeting as an interview panel as required making recommendations to Council in respect of permanent Town Council positions.
  • All staffing matters, staff welfare, training and development etc.
  • Wherever possible, trained Members of the Personnel Committee sit on any Grievance/Disciplinary or Appeals Panel appointed by Full Council.

Consultation Committee  -Comprises 5 Councillors - Meets as required. Consists of Chairmans of all the Committees.
Responsible for:-

  • Responding to consultative documents on behalf of the Council.

Complaint Committee - Comprises 7 Councillors - Meets as required. 
Chairman of all Committees, Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor
Membership on outside bodies
Members of the Town Council also sit as representatives on outside bodies and the current membership for 2019 - 20 is available here.